Have you heard of paradise and know the reason why a place can be called that? What comes to mind when you hear the name of Bali? Beauty at its zenith, heaven on earth or a place that you have been dying to be in. for us it is a state of mind. It brings all the calm and tranquility one can hope for. A place where Gods often visit and experience the joys that encompasses its every inch. A place that has the aroma of spirituality in it along with the beauty of mountains, pristine waters, luxurious islands and the remains of the volcanic eruptions. Join the locals as they dance through the streets of Bali and sing about their Gods. A place that has as many as ten thousand temples and looks like a postcard with flowers on display everywhere.

Bali, is a place that is one stop for all. Chill and relax in the beaches, dive in its waters, be a part of its festivities that happen almost all year long or simply venture the Kerobokan and Seminyak.  Be where the heart of Bali lies that is the Umud. The fields covered with rice plantation is what will meet your eyes here along with the monuments from ancient times that are spread all over.

The picture that we are about to portray about Bali will give a new definition to fun and happiness. The lovely, kind, generous and fun-loving folks of Bali will help you enjoy this small island even more. We know where your mind is wandering about. You are thinking when will the article talk about the places in Bali where you can dive into the hydrosphere and your heart will ache as you have to come up and live on land again. Without any further delay let us get quickly started on the part you are dying to read all about. A dream that every diver sees is to be a part of Bali. The remains of the US army ship that still lies in the waters of this place is a home to the giant-sized manta rays, turtle fishes and so many more. A ship that goes back in time when the world was in misery and suffering. A time when the World War II was happening. You can find the signs of it here, till date under the waters. Divers who have never done diving before to the ones who are experts in this field can step foot here for the waters of Bali will welcome and embrace all with its calm and warm water bodies.

Sites to scuba dive in Bali

If you’re a junkie not of the technological world but more of a person who seeks adventure in his life then my friend Bali is the place for you. A place that has an abundance of marine life and you must get ready with your notepad and pen for we have a list of places that you must visit if you are in love with magic and beauty that exists under the water. If you wish to experience the beauty that lies under the surface of water then the months to be here lie in between April to November. The exceptional collection of species that are found here are that of sea turtles, reef sharks, sunfish, sea horses, manta ray and so many more.

Tulamben that lie to the east of Bali.

A place that lies in the remote and coastal areas of a village is something that astounds every diver. Have you heard about the shipwreck that the cargo ship which belonged to the army forces of USA met way back in the 1942? It is now a home to the marine life found in this place. Dive deep down to find the corals, fishes, sea turtles, barracudas, dolphins and make sure you witness the sea bed which is made out of volcanic eruptions.

Amed also a part of east Bali

No matter what your rank is in the diver’s chart, you can dive the water here with ease. Plan a day to visit this location that showcases the gorgorian gardens, corals and has plenty of fish in stock apart from many other forms of life. Witness the parrot fishes, sea turtles, barracudas and sting rays here.

Menjangin Island.

A place that is located on the southern part of Bali and is isolated from the densely located places, thanks to its location. A place you must visit when in Bali. Being a National Park, this place sees an abundance of life and color under its surface. It gives its divers a view of 50 meters.

Seraya Secrets.

Heard about muck diving before? No, it isn’t what its name gives you a hint of.  The name comes from the volcanic sea bed that is black in color and sandy in Nature. Spot the nudibranchs, pipefish and seahorses that grow in these waters. There are species found in these waters which are visible only when the sun sets, if you want to experience those creatures and be a part of their habitat then don’t miss out on that.

Manta Point Nusa Penida.

Want to witness the breath-taking Manta Rays that grow up to 5m in length in these waters.  Although these waters are not very deep it isn’t always possible to dive here for the currents in water. If you want to see the manta rays dance around you then don’t do anything to scare them away. They are delicate creatures who fear humans, be calm and patient when you are here.

The Crystal Bay.

The easily recognizable mola-mola or the name you are familiar with which is the sunfish. Weighing as much as 1000kg and growing as long as 3metres these beauties are an absolute delight to scuba divers. These fishes can be spotted in abundance in the Crystal Bay

The Temple Garden.

A place that features the beauty of nature and the statues of different deities.  A program that was run in order to protect the environment is a success and a must visit place.

The Bat Cave.

Nope, it has nothing to do with your Superhero but has only relevance to the nature and ecosystem prevailing below the surface of water. Dive deep into the waters and meet the sharks which live here. When you are deep into the waters you will be mesmerized to see how the light at the end of the tunnel is guiding you and right over your head will be bats hovering, making a high-pitched yet amusing noise.

If you are a diver to enter the waters for the first time then you are advised to take a course from the best training institutions.  For those lovers of biology make sure you have everything in your backpack to keep a record of every species found under the surface of water here. Don’t be shocked to learn there are as many as nine hundred and fifty-two species found here. Reef fish, trigger fish, eels and damselfish are the few of the many species found here.

Bali is such a place that will excite and relax you at the same time. Often people find it a daunting task to return to their own homes after the trip is over. We are done talking about scuba diving, now we shall focus on the beauty of coffee that this place has in store for its locals and guests. Ready

Coffee From Bali

Fresh Roasted Coffee.

How much do you enjoy coffee? Sorry, love the beverage? If your morning doesn’t start without a cup of coffee then you’re going to be beyond energetic here in Bali after drinking their best coffee which also has earned its acclamation worldwide. They excel at flavor, aroma, quality and they are of course grown with love by the local farmers here. Nothing but the taste of 100% roasted and Arabica coffee will reach your mouth with every sip of it. The conditions that are required to grow coffee are met here in Bali and it is also stored in way that no moisture can ruin the precious coffee beans. They are hand-picked and stored in conditions that only adds to the flavor of it. While returning home, make sure you carry a packet of this fresh roasted coffee.

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Were we able to evoke excitement, thrill and adventure in your hearts? Are you looking for cheap airfares to this place already? A place that truly mesmerizes the heart of a human with its enchanting beauty. Deep sea diving often leaves a mark on the mind of a traveler who is in search of inspiration and aspires to be something in life. Words will fail the beauty that you are about to experience in the island where God himself resides. No man can attain happiness with work alone, treat yourself and your family to a trip to land of Bali in Indonesia.

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