The Quick Facts on Dehydration

Note: I am not a doctor and this should not be considered medical advice. You need to avoid dehydration since the problem increases the likelihood of diving injuries. To avoid dehydration, you must do the following: Protect body temperature and remain as warm as possible. You Produce more urine when your cold. Maintain your regulator, so you can breathe as conveniently as feasible. The dry air from the tank and breathing resistance will cause increase dehydration. Be aware of diuretic drinks, supplements, and medications. Replenish your body liquids often; drink… Read More

Can I Drink Coffee And Scuba Dive?

Scuba Diving and coffee and go together like a mask and snorkel. WHAT!!! Maybe you heard from somewhere that caffeine and scuba diving were a bad mix. Maybe you read an article like this one Ultimately the days of Caffeine demon-ization are behind us. The largest cited risk of Coffee and Caffeine is dehydration and that is a valid concern. Dehydration has been linked to bad stuff like DCS and panic attacks. However, there are better ways to guard against dehydration than twelve-hour coffee prohibition. [Warning: I am not… Read More

Time to explore the beauty of Spain

A country that is located in the southwest end to the continent of Europe. The country is covered by the peninsula of Iberian and shares its border with none other than Portugal. Haven’t you already wasted way too much of your precious time thinking about a place that will change your life by sending the way experiences that you have never experienced before? How about Spain, has it ever crossed your mind? A place that is home to a diverse variety of species of both flora and fauna, its varied… Read More

Come and explore the beauty of Honduras

A place that has been skipped for far too often by people for the history of political turmoil and different issues that attacked the place but it is high time to avoid all that and dive into the pleasure of Honduras. Its pristine waters with a hint of turquoise, ruins that surround the place from ancient times, the rivers and beaches, the mesmerizing mountains, the evergreen jungles are the most attractive place for tourists from all over the world. If life has started to take a toll on you too… Read More

Come and be one with Costa Rica and its beauty!

The Republic of Costa Rica is a place that brings the lover of nature together. A place that has an abundance of beauty in stock for all those who want peace and be one with Mother Earth. A country that is a house of uncountable species belonging to both the plant and animal life. If you ever want a perfect place to be in, then Costa Rica will be it.  A country that stays far away from any turmoil related to politics. A developed, small location in Central America is… Read More

Time to be in Colombia and soak in the beauty of it today

You haven’t been on a trip for how long now? Why are you restraining yourself from a life that promises only soul soothing experiences and joys? Fly to the land of Colombia that is surrounded by soaring heights of mountains, the mysterious and mystic jungles of the Amazon, the coast that runs along the beautiful and never-ending Caribbean Sea, the remains of the ruins of archaeological monuments and places along with the existence of communities that are spread all over the place. Aren’t you enticed to finally let go off… Read More

The Beauteous Brazil

Brazil is famous for the beauty it holds within its borders. It has the rich heritage of the people, the mighty-white beaches covered in sand, the dense and lush jungles, the innumerable islands, and the vast acres of land that is covered with coffee plantations. By the end of this article, we guarantee you that you will be looking for dates in the calendar and prices of flights on your laptop to travel to the lands of Brazil. The islands here house hundreds of species and corals. The architecture is… Read More

Looking for a perfect trip? How about Belize?

A beautiful place that lies in Central America and has a beauty that hardly a few countries can match up to. A country that has been for decades now and today we will be telling you why you need to be a part of it too. Are you interested in entering the jungles of this small and exotic place that borders the Caribbean Sea? Famous for its culture, adventure and mesmerizing charm that will make you want to visit this place as many times as possible without being bored by… Read More

Be in Bali for your next vacation

Have you heard of paradise and know the reason why a place can be called that? What comes to mind when you hear the name of Bali? Beauty at its zenith, heaven on earth or a place that you have been dying to be in. for us it is a state of mind. It brings all the calm and tranquility one can hope for. A place where Gods often visit and experience the joys that encompasses its every inch. A place that has the aroma of spirituality in it along… Read More