Can I Drink Coffee And Scuba Dive?

Scuba Diving and coffee and go together like a mask and snorkel.

WHAT!!! Maybe you heard from somewhere that caffeine and scuba diving were a bad mix. Maybe you read an article like this one Ultimately the days of Caffeine demon-ization are behind us. The largest cited risk of Coffee and Caffeine is dehydration and that is a valid concern. Dehydration has been linked to bad stuff like DCS and panic attacks.

However, there are better ways to guard against dehydration than twelve-hour coffee prohibition.

[Warning: I am not a doctor, nor does this information constitute medical advice]



If you are anything like me, I think it would be more dangerous to go without coffee than with it. It is no surprise either, because caffeinated Coffee has been proven to increase performance athletes. Trust me, top notch athletes do not let themselves get dehydrated.

Coffee has many reported health benefits. And Scuba Divers should care about their health. Coffee is full of antioxidants which may be responsible for lowering the risk of liver disease and some cancers. And if you think that you will just drink the coffee without the caffeine note that the process of decaffeination actually removes the many antioxidants Caffeine lovers enjoy.




Ok… Ok. Health may have been a stretch to demonstrate a perfect relationship between Coffee and Scuba diving, but the real link is made by what is called the “Bean Belt.” The same region between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn that produces Coffee is the same region of the best Scuba Diving in the world. There is no better way to support the economies of the best dive sites is to drink the coffee from those regions. While I am an avid warm water diver, I haven’t forgotten about my dry suit friends. There is no better way to warm up than with a cup o’ joe.



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If you are interested in the history of Coffee and Health, CNN did a great illustrated article that will take you through the history of Coffee and Health.



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