You haven’t been on a trip for how long now? Why are you restraining yourself from a life that promises only soul soothing experiences and joys? Fly to the land of Colombia that is surrounded by soaring heights of mountains, the mysterious and mystic jungles of the Amazon, the coast that runs along the beautiful and never-ending Caribbean Sea, the remains of the ruins of archaeological monuments and places along with the existence of communities that are spread all over the place. Aren’t you enticed to finally let go off all your stress, worries, sorrows, troubles and every negative feeling that surrounds you and rejoice with the beauty of nature here in Colombia.

The location of Columbia is such that a person will be able to witness every kind of landscape imaginable. Climb the snow-covered mountains to the hills that are enveloped in green. Want to soak all the Vitamins that the Sun is sending your way? Then lie down under the clear sky on the beaches of Caribbean. Plan a day to visit the coffee plantations that cover vast areas of land. You will also find grasslands and different lakes that enhance the beauty of this place furthermore. Here, you will find century apart forms of architecture that succeeds till date to paint a picture of the colonial times that encouraged cobblestoned form of beauty in designing its towns and villages. The best part being modernization and technology has only protected the remains of that era rather than ruining it.

The pleasure of adventure and thrill lies in the crannies and nooks of Columbia. Once you are done with appreciating and being admired by the beauty of nature soar, dive, trek, climb and raft here in Columbia. A tourist spot for all those who are interested in the life that exists under water and watch the marine life swim past them.

Scuba diving in Colombia

The blend of two beauties make Columbia one being the Pacific and the other being the Caribbean. The coast line of Columbia that stretch as far as possible along with the varied form of aquatic life makes it a must visit place of Columbia. The only place in the whole of Central America that has the waters of both the Pacific and the Caribbean, which makes it a dream place for Scuba Divers. A vast population of marine animals are found here. It stands third in the whole world to house a variety of diverse forms of coral. Red sponges, lemon sharks, humpback whales, turtles, tunas, tiger sharks, dolphins are only a few of the many attractions here. After diving in the coastlines of Pacific and Caribbean make sure you visit the lakes of this country to have some more diving fun and thrill. The best time starts from April and lasts till November, this is the time when the currents in the Caribbean disappear and make it suitable to dive in. When you are here in between those months you will be able to see the turtles rushing to the shores to lay their eggs.  Make sure you book your flight ticket to Columbia during that duration of time.

  • San Andres

The enchanted coral island found along the coast of Caribbean that lies to the eastern side of Nicaragua. The warm and habitable waters of this place is a home for many sponges, tropical fish, reefs that are vibrant in colour along with both hard and soft corals. It is an archipelago that looks like a seahorse and extends to six miles.  Deep caves that house different species of shark, barracuda and sting rays.  The temperature of water remains warm which makes it even more suitable for divers to dive in. Being a biological reserve under the UNESCO the island remains well protected and the marine life thrive.

  • Capurgana

A paradise for the lovers of hydrosphere. The lack of huge number of tourists and locals makes this place even more habitable for the flora and fauna.  It is a refuge for many species.  Dive in the waters and witness the corals, lobsters, surgeon fish, groupers, nurse sharks, damselfish, snappers, turtles, parrot fish and many others. A place that can be a source of recreation for both the advanced and beginners.  As many as thirty dive sites along with tunnels and swim throughs are found in the waters of Capurgana. Being the largest bay on the coastline of Caribbean, it also lies on the borders of the Panama making it even more attractive to the scuba divers.

  • Golfo de Morrosquillo

No matter how many tourists visit this place still it remains to provide the peace, calm and tranquillity one is in search of.  The sunsets, the beaches that are covered in sand and the palm trees makes it an ideal location to visit. Dive into the waters that is inhabited by all kinds of species.

  • Guatape

A place that is sitting amidst varied landscapes all around it. Apart from all the fun activities one can be a part of in this place it is a hub for the lovers of hydrosphere. Apart from the enchanting beauty all around Guatape it also has a series of lakes that promote various kinds of water sports. Dive into the turquoise waters of the lakes here and allow it to wash off all your sorrows.

Meet the hunger that your soul is craving for so long. A place that can’t be any more picturesque and captivating than this. With abundance of places to visit and things to do Columbia should be on the top of every nature lovers list. The exotic culture, the mesmerizing mountains, the kaleidoscopic marine life, sandy beaches and local, mouth-watering cuisine of this place makes it hard for every tourist to leave.  Now we will be talking about the coffee production of this place. Another reason why tourist love it here and wish to be one of the locals.

The production of coffee in Columbia

A country that earns its acclamations for being one of the best producers of coffee in the world. It is no more just a way of earning more revenue, it is now associated with its name. Along the foothills of the mountains the beautiful cash crop grows. The perfect soil, temperature of the place and efforts of the farmers make it most amazing beverage one can ever have here in Columbia.  The best coffee which reaches the nook and corner of the world is none other than the Arabica coffee produced in Columbia.  Tourists visit the axis of Columbia where coffee production takes place. Apart from the scenic charm one will not be able to keep his/her senses in control when the winds bring the aroma of the crop that is grown here.  The farms cover acres and acres of land which will at one point of time start to feel never ending.

When in Columbia drink their finest coffee at every chance you get. We will be talking about one such famous product here which is the

  • Stone Street Coffee

The best farms of Columbia are proud to present to you coffee that are handcrafted with care and effort. The process of producing coffee in Columbia goes way back in time but the art of roasting each bean to get the rich, creamy, smooth and strong flavor has been mastered over the years until perfection finally happened to arrive. The coffee here is so good that people rarely use any flavors to undermine the taste of coffee. If you are about to bid goodbye to Columbia and your heart is shattering into pieces at the thought of going back to the coffee that your country has in store for you, then pack a packet of the best coffee in Columbia which is Stone Street Coffee. you can also find it on the online shopping app called Amazon, a tiny part of Columbia will be delivered to your home in a packet. Check out this link that is attached below.

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Another product that the Columbians are proud to present to all those who step into their lands and share their love for coffee is

  • Organic 96 K cups

The beans are roasted in the same beautiful manner after they are handpicked by the farmers. The lack of fertilizers and pesticides on these coffee beans make it the first choice for locals and the tourists prefer it too. You can find this product on the Amazon app as well, go to this link and order home a packet of this.

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A place that sells itself and needs no writer or poet’s words to sell it to you. If you have been dying for that ultimate pleasure that only Mother Earth has the ability to render, then at once book your flight tickets to Columbia. You have delayed it for far too long don’t do it anymore. If you have been to Columbia once then it will be a refreshing experience to be here once again.

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