The Republic of Costa Rica is a place that brings the lover of nature together. A place that has an abundance of beauty in stock for all those who want peace and be one with Mother Earth. A country that is a house of uncountable species belonging to both the plant and animal life. If you ever want a perfect place to be in, then Costa Rica will be it.  A country that stays far away from any turmoil related to politics. A developed, small location in Central America is for one and all.

Who knew that Christopher Columbus on his journey to find and explore the world will come across such a gem of a place? A place that lies on the coast of the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean and the south to southeast borders Panama. A place that is encompassed with beauty on all its sides. If you too are a fan of adventurous sports then you are going to be on a roll here. Biking, trekking, hiking, watching different birds, surfing, scuba diving or simply soaking the goodness of the beaches. You have to be here to enjoy life the way it is. A country that is known to humanity for its several beaches and volcanoes.  Did you know that it is the most visited place in the whole of Central America? Why do you ask? For the activities that you can do here, that is why.

Scuba Diving and Costa Rica

The abundance of water in Costa Rica is a good place to venture into the marine life and see them from close. A place that has clean water which enables to view the marine life and be amazed by it. Don’t be too distracted by the bigger animals like whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and so many more. The life-changing experience of scuba diving is what you need in your busy life. The coral reefs and volcanic formations in the clear and rich of nutrient water attract many tourists from all over the world. If you want to see the life that exists underwater this is the place to be. Let us talk about the places in Costa Rica where you can go for scuba diving.

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge

This place that lies on the Caribbean Coast is the best place to go scuba diving. Why is marine life attracted to this place? The islands, inlets, coral reefs, little bays is what sea turtles, dolphins, crocodiles, manatees are a few of the many animals that live here.

Caño Island Biological Reserve

The world that is foreign to all of us. The world that waits for you to visit in the Osa Peninsula. A clear visibility is what you will have for 30- 100ft in this water making it all the more attractive. Schools of fishes will swim by you and you’ll find it hard to take a mental image of each and every one. Bull and white tip sharks also reside in these waters. Dolphins that will win your heart.

Cueva del Tiburon

A dive in the place will be worth a lifetime of experience. Plenty of white sharks are found here but the regulations of the park don’t let anyone near them. The view even from the distance will be worth your while.

The coral gardens

Want to view the coral reefs? Then this place is it.  Dive into the waters and swim with your underworld friends like the parrotfish, the damselfish, the butterflyfish, the goby, the porcupine fish and the mighty octopus. It will feel you’re diving in an array of colors in this place along with the fishes.


The true name of this place that justifies its beauty, it is paradise under water. An innumerable number of fishes habitat these waters. As you, scuba dive in these waters fishes will swim past you in a shoal and you will be experiencing pleasures and joys like never before. The drama and beauty underwater will only unveil itself if you are here.

Catalina Islands

Another place to dive in to visit the eagle rays, octopus, sea turtles, moray eels, sea horses, eagle rays and so many others residing in this place that lies beyond the Flamingo bay in the Pacific Ocean.

Cahuita National Park

The largest variety of corals that are alive are found in this National Park that lies on the southern coast of Caribbean Sea. Make sure you spot every coral present here, they are as many as thirty-five of them here.

Are you a bit scared about your first scuba dive in the waters of Costa Rica? Worry not. You’ll have trainers to guide you all the way. Although expert and advanced divers find it to be a paradise to dive in the waters of Costa Rica it is a great place for freshers.

The coffee plantation in Costa Rica

After talking about the places where you can experience magic under water we will be talking about the coffee production in this place. We already have you excited about the places that you can scuba dive here, let’s get you a bit more excited by talking about the production of coffee and the number of coffee products that you will find here.

A country that has shaped up to be one of the most attractive places for tourists from all over the world has made its economy so strong because of its production of coffee. It is the cash crop that is grown and exported the most along with providing employment to several of its citizens in that sector. Did you know that this small place is responsible for providing coffee to the entire world? What coffee products will you get here? Let’s see.

The coffee products that are available

  • Cafe Brit

A packet of coffee beans that is available on every online shopping app, which can provide you with a cup of coffee every morning that will give you the true taste of it. In a packet that weighs 340 gms, you’ll find traditionally grown coffee beans. That has been milled and sun-dried. Each and every bean of coffee will give you a unique taste that you will never forget. Buy a packet of this today.

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  • Union

A packet of coffee beans from the land of Costa Rica. Coffee beans have the powerful aroma and taste that all the coffee lovers in the world crave. A cup of espresso that is served in top-notch cafes all over the globe can now be brewed in your kitchen with a few clicks from your device. It is espresso in a packet with the blend of citrus and berries in it. It is the best product for any occasion. It gives you a caramel and rich taste.  Order this packet of coffee beans today.

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  • Nespresso

A box that contains 50 capsules of coffee. Enjoy the taste of coffee like you have never before with these. Buy a box of these coffee capsules and you’ll sip into coffee that has both the flavor and aroma. It is hand-picked beans that have been dried and has a merge of fruity, cereal and caramelized taste.

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  • Peet’s coffee

Blackcurrant along with brown sugar and silky, smooth and rich taste of coffee is what you can expect from this packet.

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  • Caribou Coffee

Another great product brought to you by Costa Rica. A packet of cafe packs the best smell and taste when brewed. It will be able to serve you 24 times, every time mesmerizing you with its taste and aroma. A cup of dark, delicious and fresh coffee is what you need every day. This packet is readily available on the online apps and you can have one from any country that you reside in.

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  • Tikko Koffee

A box that guarantees 100% of ecstasy as you sip and smell it. The aroma that is sweet and tastes that has a unique richness of eloquence. You can’t miss out on this product if you’re a lover of coffee too.

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  • Cafe 1820

A true delight to all those fans of coffee. A beverage that one can’t live without. How about ordering it from a country that produces the best coffee. There is absolutely no praise that will be good enough for this packet of coffee. You need to buy it as soon as you can and enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica in a mug.

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If you’re more than excited about being in Costa Rica, to dive in its clear waters, have a meal in its open-style restaurants and just relax and as Costa Rica does it work of melting away all your stress and anxiety. A family trip, a solo one or with friends. It is the best and most ideal tourist spots to visit any time of the year. A place that sees a number of people every year than one can expect. If you’re a fan of beauty, then you know the place that you’ve to be. Book a long vacation or a short trip to the mystic land of Costa Rica and become one with Mother Earth today.

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