A place that has been skipped for far too often by people for the history of political turmoil and different issues that attacked the place but it is high time to avoid all that and dive into the pleasure of Honduras. Its pristine waters with a hint of turquoise, ruins that surround the place from ancient times, the rivers and beaches, the mesmerizing mountains, the evergreen jungles are the most attractive place for tourists from all over the world. If life has started to take a toll on you too and you feel it’s pressure on your life then escape to a world that will bring happiness to your inner soul, mind and heart. The fascinating beauty of this place is what you must choose over anything. The vibrant scenery and lush beaches that lie in this majestic place are what you will be greeted with once you step foot here.

Honduras and Scuba Diving

A country that is amidst the Guatemala Nicaragua and El Salvador and overlooks the great Caribbean Sea. Come here when it is warm. The perfect months to book your tickets are April.  You’ll not enjoy it in the rainy seasons for obvious reasons and you will want the waters to be warm and enjoyable, so we are suggesting you April. An activity that is a must for both experienced and inexperienced divers.

Guanaja, Roatan and Utila – The ultimate place to dive

Utila and Roatan are not that far away from each other if we talk in a geographical sense but you can’t miss out on either of it. They are a world apart experience.

Let’s start with


Utila is the smallest and is much flatter than the other two lies to close proximity to the mainland. It is three miles in width and about 9.5 miles in length. Apart from being the best, it is also the cheapest place where one can dive in. You will encounter lobsters some of which can weigh up to 30 pounds, jawfish, sea turtles, barracuda, crabs, eagle ray, octopus, hogfish, spotted drums, stingfish, scorpion fish, sponges, lizard fish, corals and the list is endless. Often people wonder if Utila meets all the requirement for diving, let’s see if it does?

  • Pristine and blue waters which provide clear visibility.
  • The warm and sustainable temperature of water.
  • Coral reefs in abundance.
  • Opportunities to take photographs in macro.
  • The marine life that includes both bigger and smaller life forms.
  • Training availability.
  • The culture that exists in the place.
  • Minimal currents in the water.

Utila meets all these requirements, all of them. The popularity of this place has been for ages now. Experienced or beginners all find it a mesmerizing place to dive. People of all ages and backgrounds visit this island.

The Southern Part of Utila

Jack Neil Beach and Point are famous for its long dives that are shallow which form both soft and hard corals. You will see a sight that you can’t imagine in these waters where green turtles and hawksbill swim around apart from other species of marine life. Pretty Bush and Black Coral Wall are two other southern sites that are a dream place for every diver. Swim through the caverns and view the sweeper fish. It has a swarming population of a variety of fish and one must not miss out the Seamount Black Hills.

The Northern Part of Utila

The Turtle Harbor reserve protects the area here where the Cayman trench and the island collide. It is as deep as 40 feet. What does it include? Caverns, the culmination point and places to swim across. You’re about to encounter more of dolphins, sharks, whale sharks, barracuda and so many others. The places to dive in the northern part are.

  1. The pinnacle.
  2. CJ’s drop off.
  3. The Maze.
  4. Duppy waters.
  5. Jack’s Bight.

Let’s talk about the Guanaja, now.

Bayman Drop – With a good visibility and a depth of 30 meters, this is the place one can dive in to view the adverse life form that exists under the water.

Black Rock Canyon – Interested to find eels and sharks? They are known to be found sleeping in the crannies and nooks of this place. It is a series of tunnels and caves to dive in. They were a result of the volcanic eruptions in this place. Apart from eels and sharks, you’ll witness groupers, sardines, barracuda and sweepers.

Don Enrique Wreck – Brimming with sea life this place drops to about 24 meters and touches the bottom that is covered with sand.

Jim’s Silverlode – Dive in through the tunnels that have a depth of about 21 meters. A place that will keep you hooked with its yellowtails, groupers, sardines and eels. Come and meet all of them here.

The Pinnacle – Standing on top of a sandy surface it reaches a height of 55 feet. Black corals, grouper, seahorses and spotted drums are found in abundance here.

Vertigo – A reef in the form of the barrier that has magnificent drops offs. The sight is beyond words and one will find lilies here in both white and black color.

It is time for Roatan

The island of Honduras that is the largest in size and has smaller cays and islands both under its wing. The places you can dive in here are as follows.

  1. CoCo View Wall – A plunging depth of 82 feet from the shore and has both hard and soft corals. Eels, seahorses, and divers are the most common kind of aquatic life here hiding in the caves under water.
  2. Mary’s Place – Macro life along with canyons that deep make this a great place to dive in. Sea plumes, sea rods in green and gold along with cliffs are found here. A famous and well-known place among divers.
  3. Dolphin’s Den – A place that lacks the crowd of tourists and gives you the quiet you wish for. Nurse sharks, slipper lobsters, corals and shrimps are found in abundance here.
  4. El Aguila – If you wish to find sea creatures that are vast in size then this is the place. Divers who are well-trained find it a recreational place to dive in.
  5. Fish Den – With strict rules and regulations, there is no way one can fish here making this place a hub for marine life.

Honduras and Coffee

When in Honduras do sip in the best coffee they have in stock for you. We will be talking about a few here.

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  • Suma Enterprises

After diving the different waters of Honduras, it is time for your taste buds to fee the merge of chocolate, aroma of hazelnut, the touch of caramel and the feel of roasted coffee beans. A choice that most people from Honduras make and you should too when you return back home.

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  • Simply organic

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  • Lavazza Perfetto

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The attractions that lie in this country of Central America are far too many. If you have a bucket list that hangs somewhere in your house or hides in between the pages of your diary, then make sure you add Honduras to it. It’s unparalleled beauty and charm is going to captivate every cell in your body. This place has waited far too long to be discovered and its high time you are here. The money will never be a factor here at Honduras for you can do at a rate that is beyond imaginable.

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