A country that is located in the southwest end to the continent of Europe. The country is covered by the peninsula of Iberian and shares its border with none other than Portugal. Haven’t you already wasted way too much of your precious time thinking about a place that will change your life by sending the way experiences that you have never experienced before? How about Spain, has it ever crossed your mind?

A place that is home to a diverse variety of species of both flora and fauna, its varied landscape and enchanting beauty is what this country is all about. It will make your soul happy and heart sing with joy. The mountain ranges like that of the Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees, you will also see the mesmerizing Sierra Nevada that is covered with snow here. If you love adventure and enjoy the thrill that it brings then Spain it is for you. The cliffs are no less in beauty than the majestic mountains. Be a part of the ancient time period by visiting the villages that reside in the hilltops of this place. The happiness that this place has in store for you is more than a million dollars you’ll ever earn. So, take that much-needed break from your hectic schedule and be in Spain.

Apart from adventure what do you enjoy? Good food some soothing wine and music? The recipes of traditional times that is still cooked by the people of Spain will linger in your mouth. Be it a hatted restaurant or an open diner the food here is second to none. The experiences that you’ll take back home from this place will be staying with you forever.

Adventure, food and now it is time for the breathtaking beauty of the architecture. The ruins from the Roman times to the beautiful designs of the cathedral or the Islamic form of architecture is what you will witness as you turn from one spot to another. A place that has seen the rise and fall of civilization, which is now only visible and remembered through the architecture is what you’ll be able to soak into. The place which was the home of Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudí and Salvador Dalí. The past and the present has never collided here in Spain. The monuments, the architecture and the modern-day development all have and will continue to be what Spain is all about.

Life in Spain is a party one can’t miss out on. A party that showcases the beauty that resides in the hearts of the people and how they believe in enjoying life to the fullest each and every second. The fiesta of Spain never ends. Come to Spain and let it touch your soul and at that moment you’ll realize that yes, you’re alive and you too are living.

Why must you scuba dive in Spain?

A place that intrigues the mind of the tourists and localities for the amazing attractions that lie in store here in Spain.

  • Costa Brava

The best place one can dive in the Mediterranean is the Costa Brava. The coastline that is rugged and has the cliffs that are plunging along with islets, hills that are submerged are found under the waters here also the wrecks of the ship are found underneath.

The second you dive into these waters you will see the tunnels, coves that are sheltered and caves. Explore them all as you dive in here.  If you’re worried about the burn that it is going to make in your pocket, then you can just calm down for it won’t do any such thing. The amazing experience here in Costa Brava, Spain is inexpensive in comparison to the other countries that have this adventure sport.  The dive is amazing and you’ll be able to witness a lot of things down there. What exactly? Gorgonians that are multicolored, corals that are red, black and white, sponges, mussels, starfish, groupers, sea bass, bream, eels that are moray, red and conger, tuna, octopus, nudibranchs, eagle rays, barracuda and sunfish. It also has sharks, seals, dolphins and turtles.

A place that is suitable for diving all year long. A number of training schools and shops are here to help every diver with his/her needs.

  • El Bajon del Rio Fuerteventura

The bed of this place is a combination of mushroom-shaped volcanic rocks, which are as high as ten meters.  Black bream, wrasse, zebra bream, gully jacks, breams, trumpet fish and many others have their residence at the bottom of these rocks.

  • Tres Picos Almunecar

It will seem like you have a movie ticket in 3D here in this spot for diving. Marine life that can be seen in abundance is found here. You will see a variety of octopuses here in this particular diving spot of Tres Picos Almunecar.

  • Mariana Platform Ibiza

A place that is a barrier between Formentera and Ibiza was once famous for its farm that had sea breams in abundance. The beautiful formation of rocks underneath where one can swim through and come across marine life like that of Octopus, Stingrays, Angel Sharks, Roncadores. A dive through these waters will be an extremely different experience for you. It will feel like a well-earned reward.

  • Bajo de Testa

A plateau that falls to a depth of 10 meters and has a bottom that ranges to 25 meters. Enjoy heading in the eastward direction as you drop down to the depth that is the highest. The formations of rock found in the bed of Bajo de Testa is intriguing. Locate different species of aquatic life like that of the grouper, Pollack, octopus and eels. They will be hiding away from your interaction behind the rocks and in the crevices, make sure you don’t scare them further. Be calm and even watch your breathing if you think you are getting too excited with thrill.

  • La aguja d’es Vedra

A place located in the south-west direction is a peak that lies underwater. The coves, seabed made out of the rock, passageways, swim throughs, arches are all a part of Tres Picos Almunecar. The scorpion fish, lobster, wrasse, grouper, sponges, anemone, bryozoans and others reside in these waters right here.

Experiences related to coffee and Spain

The varied and delicious taste of coffee along with its mesmerizing aroma is what will be your first experience regarding coffee here in Spain. The different regions of Spain have different ways of ordering and enjoying a cup of coffee. Yes, one country and varied ways.  The single espressos that are a beauty of Spain. A coffee that is the strongest in taste and comes without any milk.

You will be very shocked to know about the varied types of coffee products that are found here. There is single and double espresso are preferred by many, mostly by the Spaniards but if you enjoy something else then your coffee can have a hint of whiskey on it. Yes, coffee that has cream or brandy in it is very much available in Spain.

One trip to Spain will never be enough to show you everything that you wish to. Spaniards have different tastes and that will be visible to you when you are in close proximity to them. The Spaniards also enjoy summer beverages made out of coffee. It is so refreshing that you’ll be craving this all-day long.

The coffee products that are preferred by the people of Spain and appreciated worldwide.

A product that will sell worldwide for its beauty and taste that is found in each and every coffee bean of this packet. Soothing aroma with flavors that are light on the tongue along with a rich taste is what this product is all about. If you’ve fallen in love with coffee just like the Spaniards have then you must enjoy the product they love which is Death Wish Coffee. The Arabica beans are of premium quality and it is packed in this packet right here. Check out this product on the Amazon shopping app and order one for yourself today. Don’t leave Spain behind and make sure you end up being one with it forever with every sip from this product.

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A country that is a house of castles, mountains, monuments, modern and developed cities and most of all the ideal allocation for travel and tourism. No human can turn away from the beauty and charm of Spain, no matter what. So, give in to it’s beauty and surrender your soul to joy. A country that is rich with its historical events doesn’t remain far from the diverse geographical beauty. Book your tickets today and get to visit the mesmerizing beauty on Earth.

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